EPGY Stanford – An Accredited Online High school for Gifted Students

There are a growing number of schools that can be considered an accredited online high school and many of them are very good. They offer students that did not do so well at a traditional school a chance to get their high school diploma. There is one accredited online high school that is a little different though. Firstly, the EPGY Online High School is actually aimed at gifted and talented students and secondly, it is based at, and run by, the prestigious Stanford University.

Who Would Attend EPGY Accredited Online High School?

Given the vast size and often limited resources available at public high schools, it is just as easy for a gifted student to get lost and not fulfill their real potential as it is for a student who struggles academically. Often teachers do not have the time to help talented students grow even further as they have to focus their attention on others not doing so well.…

Tips for a successful job interview while young

Going to any interview can be downright intimidating, and going to your first job interview is no exception. Without any prior work experience to point to, you have to somehow try to convince the employer that you’re a good choice.

Luckily, most interviews for jobs in high school and early college jobs aren’t too grueling. Most employers will ask some simple questions to get to know you and then make a decision. The way you present yourself in an interview will usually make more of an impact than whatever you have on your short resume.
Employers want workers who see the job as more than just a paycheck — they want workers who actually care about what they do. If you can give the impression in your job interview that you do care, then you’ll have a much better shot at getting hired. Here are four ways I’ve found pretty helpful:

Come to the interview well-dressed and well-groomed.

You don’t need to rent a tuxedo or anything, but wearing moderately-formal clothes will reflect on you much better than a teenager who comes in wearing typical casual clothes. Remember, dress professional, not formal. Wear something you would expect higher-ups in the company to wear. Show it!…

Two-year schools aim high

They’re giving honors students a boost to big-name colleges

Alex Almanza, whose 4.75 GPA put him in the top 5% of his high school class, could have gone to one of several state universities, including the University of Florida. But the offer from Miami-Dade Community College was too good to refuse: Free tuition, fees, and books, plus a chance to transfer later to a prestigious institution like Georgetown or New York University.

“I decided to risk it,” says Almanza, 18, an accounting major who just finished his freshman year. “I have a shot at going somewhere better, a step beyond a state school.”

Community colleges have long been the gateway to a bachelor’s degree, particularly for those who aren’t quite ready for the rigor of a traditional undergraduate education. But more and more, two-year institutions are serving as launching pads for the best and brightest, luring students like Almanza with merit scholarships, intensive academic programs and the potential to be discovered by a big-name school.…

Are Teen Parents Smarter Than Bible Thumpers?

For the 2.5th (I decided to count the introduction, then decided it didn’t count, then realized a compromise could be made) part of my series, I am going to share an anecdote which unquestionably proves my theory that bloggers hate anything to do with breeding.

Now, to preface this, I spent a large part of my growing years in Surrey, B.C. I guess it’s like a Canadian Compton. This means it’s not really scary at all, but people in the nicer, more citified areas, need to make fun of a shitty suburban satellite so that they can feel all elite and superior.

Mmm, culture, the arts, goat cheese – who cares? Surrey has Ed Hardy hoodies, large groups of teenagers that hang out in front of the 7/11 or Mac’s, and teen pregnancy flagrantly displayed at transit depots.

This actually brings me to the point where I see the series expanding to 17 installments; what I have witnessed in Surrey regarding young people mating and breeding.…

My Fitness Journey

I’m a firm believer that if you make one positive change in your life, other good changes will follow. Case in point: Since I started taking small steps to eat healthier, I found myself with a desire to become more invested in a healthier lifestyle. I needed to get in shape again after my pregnancy.

I started off by changing the junk I ate by trying to keep it all out of my shopping cart–can’t eat it if it’s not in the house! I started buying tons of fresh produce which in itself felt like an accomplishment. I went ahead and added multigrain bread into mine and my kids’ diets (since my hubby is a white bread kinda guy–he’s not making the switch!

I also swapped out white rice for brown and stopped buying red meat–we’re sticking with chicken and fish as much as possible. I only made small changes but started feeling the positive effects within one week!

I’ve been documenting most of my meals through SparkPeople.com so I know what I’m putting in my body and am conscious of what a normal calorie intake looks like. Within just a few weeks I stopped craving junk food, especially sweets.…

4 Steps to your Best Home Workout

If you’ve chosen to complete a workout without weights out of the gym and possibly in the comfort of your own home we applaud you and offer some tip to make your workout that much more effective and efficient. Below are 4 steps to making your home weight free workout the best that it can be!

1.Pick and Choose your Time

This is the first step and by far one of the most important. Sit down with your calendar, pick the time of say you’ll be exercises, how many days a week and how many times a months. Be realistic and leave time for some rest, but also be prepared to push yourself a bit.

By setting up and cementing when and for how long you’re going to be doing your workout without weights, you’ll be able to stay more consistent and making your workout a priority! To find out what works for YOU to stay healthy check out this post as well.…

5 Helpful Study Tips for Online Studying

The typical online student differs greatly from your straight out of high school, 18-22-year-old traditional college students. You are most likely working full-time, managing a family, and/or in certain extenuating circumstances that prohibit you from attending a traditional college.

With this in mind, we decided to write an article that provides helpful study tips for students currently enrolled in (or will soon be starting) an online program.

  • Master Time Management

In your situation, effective time management can mean the difference between a successful college career and a stress-plagued, overworked nightmare.

Realize the nature of your undertaking – you are exerting yourself on all fronts (work, home, school, and other), and will be expected to do the best you can in each of them. Without the right time management and time allocation strategy, things can start heading south real fast.…

Keeping a job when school starts

I’ve given you some helpful hints for finding a job during the summer, but once the school year starts you may have to decide if you want to keep your job or not.

Many jobs and/or the hours you work are seasonal. Your job may only have needed someone to fill the 8AM-12PM shift, and now that you’re back in school, you’re not going to be much help.

But for many jobs, you can continue working even once school starts. The decision is whether or not you want to. Obviously, having a job will give you money, but with school starting, you’ll also have less free time. It’s an important balance.

Free time vs. Money

Making money is a great thing, and during the school year there are countless opportunities to spend money. It’s easier to enjoy high school when you have a good amount of cash. Unfortunately, to make a decent amount of money, you have to work a decent amount of hours.

Some people got addicted to money and drop out from high school, only later to realize that actually they some kind of diploma. I know people who followed an online program and got their GED although I would not recommend this path.

In the summer, it’s not so bad because you can work 8 hours and still have a good part of your day free. But school will already take up 7 hours of your day, …

Small improvements are the path to success

In work from home careers such as home internet businesses that involve a network or team, you will be the Leader for the people you attract into the business opportunity.

Looking at the Leadership principles contained in, How to Win Friends and Influence People it is emphasized we need to positively acknowledge this Leadership role. Why does he Dale Carnegie devote a whole section to Leadership?

The answer is simple, people are attracted to Leaders. The book is about how to win over people hence the more you behave like a Leader the more people will be attracted to your opportunity.

One of the things I have seen unsuccessful Leaders do is the, ‘leave alone zap’ way of Leading. This method involves ignoring people if they are doing things right day in and day out, but boy do they ‘zap’ you if you get it wrong once.

This is a bad way to earn extra money because your team begins to distrust you. I believe it’s the prevalence of poor Leadership in that past that has lead to so many people leaving home business opportunities in the past.…