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Is Studying Abroad Worth It?

Today I would like to talk about an alternative option of getting educated. There are many ways of getting a proper education from attending online, free GED courses, you can try the website Best GED Classes and get an HSE (high school equivalency) certificate instead of high school diploma to even getting an education abroad. Education has crossed many boundaries, including those of many countries.

Today, students travel thousands of kilometers to a country of their choice to study specific majors and gain better exposure and experience.
There are a number of points that can be a decider on whether or not your choice of the country can prove to be the best for you. Therefore, before deciding on any country to travel to for your educational purposes, consider a few points like:…

Those were the days…

We were young, 15 maybe? and thus had little idea of the concepts of mortality and moderation. Young and in our rebellious stage, we were a steadfast band jokingly referred to by friends and classmates as The Three Musketeers; I’m sure our teachers and enemies had less-friendly names for us than that.

I was the dark one, the sole brunette–when it came to an argument, they’d usually side against me in a show of blonde solidarity, but then I would remind them who ranked highest (it was always the girl with the biggest cup size–and my C’s outranked both their A’s put together), and they gave in. I provided the bank and the ideas, the excuses and the plans. I had the outfits and the easy access and made liberal use of them all.

Janet was the bitch, the dirty-blonde, always cool and using her surprising intellect and mile-long legs to intimidate. During the week, we’d usually head to her house after school; it had the best munchies and biggest t.v., and a lock on the basement door when her kid brother got out of hand. She was the one we’d send into the convenience store to buy cigarettes; she’s the one with the laser stare.…

Surviving the Dorms…

Have you ever tried to do that thing where you pat your head with one hand, and rub circles on your chest with your other hand? It’s kind of hard, not impossible, but hard. I think it’s challenging because one action is distracting you from doing another action. Sound familiar? Living in the dorms and doing well in school isn’t much different.

I think living in a dorm is something that every college student should do for at least one year. It is a great way to experience college as an underclassman, and it presents you with several opportunities that you probably wouldn’t get anywhere else. But there are few things that you should know and remember.

1. Go to class – There WILL be mornings where you literally wake up and don’t feel like moving. It will be 9 am or earlier, you can’t find your shoes, and your backpack is hanging from the ceiling fan. This may sound like a terrific opportunity to sleep in and watch reruns of The Price is Right, but you really should just get up and go to class. It becomes easy to take a few classes off here and there, but it will benefit you to try to make EVERY class.…

What do Study-Abroad-Beijing Programs Really Have to Offer?

A great many people, not just the younger ones, are attracted to the idea of studying abroad. While some set their sights on the countries of Europe more adventurous souls are beginning to look a little further afield for their foreign educational experience. One of the destinations gaining popularity all the time to study abroad, Beijing is a perfect example.

Why Study Abroad in Beijing?

Beijing is possibly China’s most vibrant and modern city, set as it is to be a major financial center in the 21st century. For those interested in pursuing a career in the financial world a study abroad Beijing program offers an insight into the way that modern China is doing business with the rest of the world. All around the city new buildings are springing up as Beijing positions itself to take a larger role on the world stage.

Despite the fact that it has become so very modern, Beijing still offers foreigners an amazing and unprecedented look into life in Asia thousands of years ago. For those whose interests gravitate toward the historical a study abroad, Beijing program goes beyond fascinating.…

Stop, Pause, and Reflect

It’s almost December already and I’m trying to figure out where my year has gone. It sucks that even now, at the end, I can only pick out a few highlights of my year. I don’t want to go into detail, but this is just a short list.

1. I managed to be a bit more social which was last years resolution. I still don’t go out that much but I’m making progress. I realized I’ve missed out on a lot of things and that living a life, is life.

2. Kept my word. Okay, for the most part, when I said I was going to do something, I did in fact do it. And that I’m proud of. Maybe the procrastination stuck around, but things got done.…

Things To Avoid When Writing An Application

I Came across another (as usual) great post from copyblogger about headline writing. I have to say this is an area where I have problems starting in both my posts and my articles. Mine always seem boring. A piece of advice I got recently was write your headlines like a ‘thriller writer’.

That helped but this post by Jonathan Morrow is the ‘real juice’ and I will follow it’s advice. These tips will help yo when you need to write an essay or job application as well.

He lists 12 things to do when writing headlines:

My ‘Good Old Days’ Syndrome

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. How much I loved school. How much I miss it. What I’d do differently if I were to do it again.

  • Would I put more effort into my final year?
  • Would I plan my career?
  • Would I listen to my parents’ advice or my own?
  • Would I… would I… would I…?

I don’t regret anything. I try not to regret anything, with my life’s motto being “Never regret something that once made you smile” – and school certainly made me smile. Without a doubt. It was the happiest time of my life. Sure, it didn’t feel like it at the time.


I’d love to go back, even for just one day. I’d love to have that feeling of knowing my work was good. Getting good grades was my main aim in school and I did.…

Is There Preferential Treatment in Schools?

Have you ever wondered: Is there preferential treatment in schools? Do school board members kids receive preferential treatment? Does the PTA president’s kid receive preferential treatment? Do the kids of parents who volunteer more hours or donate more money to the school receive preferential treatment?

There is no easy answer to this question, so instead let me pose another one. Is it ever possible to be completely fair to every single person all of the time? And one more question: Would you be surprised if I said it’s nearly humanly impossible to be completely devoid of preferential treatment?

Human nature is what it is. It’s human nature to treat those who treat you well with equal measure. And conversely, it’s human nature to treat those who treat you poorly with equal measure. I am not saying that this is absolute whatsoever; however, I would contend that idioms such as “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” and “tit for tat” have been around forever and are still utilized to this day because they are so true to human nature.

The truth of the matter is, sometimes schools are no different from other organizations. Let’s take, for example, the airline frequent flier miles program, often referred to as a loyalty program. The more one flies and accumulates miles, the higher his/her status level, the more perks, and preferential treatment one receives.…

What is your career personality and other questions

Do you like taking quizzes? I do and recently I have found on the website a great career quiz that assigns you to one of the 6 career personality groups. There are also suggestions for a career/job that will be the best match for you.

This test is based on Holland codes and it’s really interesting. The career test has just 3 questions, you choose a number of answers and in 5 minutes you know your career personality. According to this test, I am a social type, a helper and one of the suggested jobs was a teacher! Wow, this is what I always wanted to do.

So my first question to you. What is your career personality?

I am a social type.

2. What order do you put on your clothes?

bra, underwear, stand in front of a closet for an extended period of time, then pants/skirt, shirt/sweater, shoes

3. Are you generally on-time, early or late?

I’m never exactly on time. I’m either early, or more frequently, running late.…

EPGY Stanford – An Accredited Online High school for Gifted Students

There are a growing number of schools that can be considered an accredited online high school and many of them are very good. They offer students that did not do so well at a traditional school a chance to get their high school diploma. There is one accredited online high school that is a little different though. Firstly, the EPGY Online High School is actually aimed at gifted and talented students and secondly, it is based at, and run by, the prestigious Stanford University.

Who Would Attend EPGY Accredited Online High School?

Given the vast size and often limited resources available at public high schools, it is just as easy for a gifted student to get lost and not fulfill their real potential as it is for a student who struggles academically. Often teachers do not have the time to help talented students grow even further as they have to focus their attention on others not doing so well.…